Your Guide to Hotels in Kelowna, BC Canada

Kelowna Weather

Kelowna is a fours season playground. Although it is not uncommon to receive regular snowfalls in the city of Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, the snow normally melts between snowfalls in the city centre and other lower elevations.

The areas weather plays a key roll in some of it’s major tourist attractions and the industries that have developed around them. These include, Golfing, Skiing, Wine Making and of course hitting the beach, boating and water sports.

Just over the hills and a 35 minute drive to the east is the Big White ski resort which is one of British Columbia’s top ski hills and receive a substantial ski base. Typical days on Big White’s slopes tend to be between -5C and -15C on the colder winter days. It is not uncommon to find yourself skiing here in temperatures hovering just above 0 to -5C specially and even warmer as the spring skiing season begins. The winter tends to deliver a mixture of cloudy and sunny days.

Kelowna and Okanagan Valley have a semi-arid climate so in can be very dry. You may want to bring some moisturizer or purchase some locally. People who experience various form of difficulty breathing tend to do better in this environment. Some visitors may see similarities with Washington State’s apple growing regions which makes sense since the Okanagan Valley is an extension of the top producing apple valleys. There are also similarities with California’s wine producing areas like Nappa Valley.

Yearly precipitation in the Kelowna area averages approximately 300 mm / 12 inches. About 30% of Kelowna’s precipitation come in the form of snow.

During the summer the area often records some of Canada’s highest temperatures often exceeding 35C. It also records some of the calmest winds in the country. With Lake Okanagan never more than a few kilometres away, a dip in the fresh water can often be a great way to cool down.


Kelowna Hotel Guide

Your Guide to Hotels in Kelowna, BC Canada

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