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2009 honda accord oil consumption

First and last Honda. She said they’d like me to start coming in every two weeks so they can monitor my oil consumption and that wouldn’t cost me anything. I don’t see how this could be within operating norms. I cannot write my reply but I told him I wanted it documented and I would be back in 500 miles. This needs to be addressed ASAP as this oil consumption issue has never been rectified. I had my 2010 Honda Accord engine rebuilt a few years ago as a result of the Honda oil consumption issue. BAD CASE OF USE. I also had a problem with the rear brakes, twice in one year my caliper went through my brake padsand rotors…causing me to buy brand new ones twice in one year!! Dealer is Jerry Damson, Florence, Alabama. Just took started to notice that the car is burning oil in between oil changes (all done at Honda). That was in 5000 miles. New 2013 are having engine shuddering problems, cannot help but wonder if these cars will have an oil consumption problem as well? Then the service at Honda told me that, due to the harsh driving conditions in my area, (Virginia Beach area, not exactly the Mojave desert), that my oil would need changed more often. Top Class Actions is a legal news source There was oil all over the engine compartment, undercarriage, passenger side, and road. I forgot mensioned that my car has 120,000 km. He had told me that as long as it was above 0% it would be fine. I filed a complaint with the bureau of automotive repair in California & that helps get the dealership to actually listen to you & do something about fixing your car. There is some sort of a technical bulletin issued by Honda Canada that they are aware of this issue and will replace pistons, rings etc. My 2010 Honda accord EX had this exact issue in 2012 after 50K miles. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN EVER. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I read that honda decided to extend the powertrain warranty up to 8 years after purchasing with no limit to mileage. I don’t want to spend $2000 to replace those when I am not even sure if it will resolve the problem. I WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN. after doing numerous oil consumption tests and trips to the dealer, to my surprise Honda Canada agreed to rebuilt the engine ( rings and pistons only). I am constantly having the oil changed and due to a lack of oil. It is normal. Add me to the list. Synthetic. Estimates of gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, safety ratings, and air pollution ratings for new and used cars and trucks. I have called Honda Canada, they also say it is normal. I too have to keep spare oil in my car at all times. Volume: 8 oz. Car shudders between 1st and 2nd gear and now I’m having a engine issues caused by fouled spark plugs. I have the same problem with my Honda Accord 2008 Coupe. Hello, I have a 2008 Honda accord lx 2.4 engine. I have a 2008 Honda accord and thought I was buying a reliable car that I could depend on to not break me, like the last two that I have had….. Two times ago, the red oil lamp indicator came on and when I took it in, there was practically no oil in the engine at all. Owned Hondas for the past 15 years. I then proceeded to do the waste of time oil consumption test. Somehow delare accepted to change Pistons and all but somehow they are forcing me to take 1000 mi test again and that too in Brand new Honda Accord 2012. It is not leaking oil but it burns oil and I can tell when it is low. Honda knew the problems but pretended not knowing. Like others of you, they say I pass the “oil consumption test but for 2500.00 they will fix the oil leak”. Now I have the same bearing issue and and the car stutters a bit when I try to accelerate and sometimes it sounds like it may just stall after coming to a stop. Is this lawsuit will work on honda canda as well. It now has 76000 miles on it and sounds like my timing chain is making noise too what a joke how can honda say a quart every 1000 miles is normal NO WAY ! Said it now has an 8 year engine warranty with no mileage restrictions. I am constantly seeing my oil light come on and adding oil. I have a 2011 V6 Honda Accord and this is happening also. Calls to Honda have been fruitless as well. There was none. We noticed a slight chugging sensation on our 2009 V6 Accord, we grew to live with it. See 2009 Honda Accord technical service bulletins (TSBs) at TrueDelta, organized by model year and problem area. I want to be included in this class-action suit. Call Honda , they stated yes we have the campaign for this issue. Just as I was pulling into the airport to leave on vacation, the check engine and oil light came on simultaneously. Hi…purhcased my 2008 2 door accord brand new. I’m not sure if I want to fix it or sell it, will find out after I bring it to Honda for Service. When I asked him that if i told him I put in 5qts between oil changes, would he tell me the same thing, he said yes, I know it seems high but its with in the range. Have 2010 v6 bought new. When this occured I found that the oil was either low or off the dipstick. When I take it to the shop to get it looked at, they NEVER know whats wrong!!! No lights were left on or doors open but jumping the car worked. 4.2 gals/ 100 miles. I have contacted Honda and several Honda dealers they state this is acceptable oil consumption. I feel bad because I talked my wife into getting this car. Same issue with my 2008 Accord 4-cyl now at 67K.

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  • When my oil light came on the first time, I had just had my oil changed. I didn’t know about this law suit. I purchased my 2008 Honda Accord with 30000 miles now i have 97000miles Still under warranty.I travel alot so i need i reliable car.Car burns 5 to 6 quarts between oil changes.Took it more then 5 times to Honda of Danbury and no repairs were done they told me Honda says 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles is normal.I say SHAME ON YOU HONDA ADMIT TO YOUR FAULTS AND REPAIR OUR CARS. Finally Honda dealer replaced pistons and piston rings at 60k miles. My 2008 Honda Accord burnes 1 quart of oil every 3500 miles. And, I hear that it is the American Honda people with an attitude… not the Japanese home office. I have a 2008 Honda accord coupe 4 cylinder that I purchased in brand new in 2008. They replaced the pistons and rings(genuine honda parts) and I have since change the oil twice with 16,000 km. (Page 1 of 2) Honda has the worst customer service I ever dealt with. 750$ to replace. I have a 2008 Accord, manual trans… same deal. after 2500KM run the Oil down has been fully dropped and now the Honda Dealer is doing the test which I need to take it every 1000Km. I paid for an oil change. “Consumes” probably just over 1qt per 2K miles which sadly doens’t fail Honda’s “test”. I too have seen oil consumption recently and I think I going to get rid of it. It’s a huge safety issue and I believe it should be fixed first. My 2010 accord 2.4 L engine just went through a piston and ring replacement( 120,000 km). Please, please fill this out. We’ve taken it to the dealership, and also gotten a second opinion from a Honda Specialist Mechanic shop. Plan was to drive 300,000 miles, now wonder if POS will make it. I called the dealer and brought ALL the evidence that I found into them and they suggested I bring the car in every 1000 miles to do a oil consumption test. ? Alright, so a few weeks ago, my 2010 Honda Accord 4-cyl jumped timing. Once they ran further testing, they said that I need a new engine block and motor. I bought my 2009 Honda Accord EX-L 3.5 L with Navigation new from the dealer in 2008. The regional service manager was nasty and wouldnt help me. None of them could identify or rectify the problem. I am a Account Rep who spends the majority of my time visiting customers but not in this case. That was it. I have to constantly monitor the oil use because of the extraordinary use of oil. Just take responsibility .. I have the 2010 Honda accord with slightly less than a quart of oil in 4000 miles, fouling out spark plugs already at little less than 35,000 miles. They covered about half the cost of a car rental, leaving me with an additional $376 expense. Don’t know what to do. Seems the dealers are dumb< or [playing dumb> My engine started making a noise that I had never heard in a car in my life. So I took it to Honda, they couldn’t figure it out, basically told me to continuously check my oil. Had the brakes thing too. I submitted the survey.
    I have a 2010 4cyl Sedan 4 door, Automatic with 67K miles. 09 accord EX-L please add me to your list for info on law suit. 300 miles. Another dealership replaced the short block. I have a 2008 Honda Accord. Having read the complain in this site, I feel much better. Use for comparison purposes only. Yesterday the spark plugs became fouled and misfired for the first time. I bought a new 2008 Honda Accord. Two late model Accords and Pilots in our clan have had this same disaster this year. Now at 84k miles my car is doing this same loud knocking on start up along with another unknown noise. First ? Have had the same issue, but burning more than a quart per thousand miles. I have a radiator leak too and that’s prob a result of the cat backup.. Add one more to the list. Now I have no re-sale value on the car and the thing is dead at 74K miles. When I threatened to sue them they replace the rotors for free but again the same thing. Does anyone know of any solution to this? Mine is doing the same thing. Well here I am again and at 2500 my oil light flickered on again. Big deal, we’re still using oil. We have checked & watched the tail pipe and it does not appear to be burning the oil out the pipe, there are no gasket leaks or oil on the garage floor! My first brand new car. Danny, e-mail me and we will see what we can do for you, I’m surprised you did not get a recall letter saying that Honda is aware of the motors burning oil and if your vehicle falls under this then you should be able to get it fixed.Do you still have warranty? I have changed the oil in this vehicle every 3000 miles. I am so frustrated, I bought a Honda because I thought I wouldn’t have the issues with repairs. I had a 1997 Toyota Camry with similar issue. I also took the car into the dealership for an oil consumption test which is drive the car 1,000 miles and see if it burns a quart of oil . Seriously Honda. Have a 2009 Honda Accord, having the same issues as everyone else, using excessive amounts of oil, I have an appointment at the dealership. I have a 2008 accord V6 with 110k and just paid it off. Upon further examination, and confirmation by an employee at the local Honda dealership, it has become apparent that this vehicle had major, major body work done! How do you get involved in this lawsuit. i went to the dealer and they said this thing happen due to lot of highway drive but it does not make any sense that lot of highway driving will decrease the oil level. I have honda accord and i am using it everyday for 160Km highway drive. No mention of a software update…at 55,000 miles the VTEC indicator is on again and the engine is misfiring on cylinder 3…again I took it in and the oil is nearly gone. I purchased a Honda for the first time after owning other cars because I was looking for something reliable. I am extremely pissed and upset with this matter. Bought a used 2008 Honda Accord with 32K on it. My car consume lot of oil and so that i have add some oil after 3000-3500 Kms after my oil change. Was told to check every 3000 miles, but engine starts to growl after 2500, then 2200, and I know it’s time to take it back for a refill. status of any class action settlement claim. It’s now to the point where we have to check everyday. driving expressway oil light comes on again. Stay tuned.. I also have an 08 Accord V6, after 4 mos. They said this is way out of spec but the dealership wanted to charge me over $1000 just to get an “official diagnosis” before they could fix it. You’re not supposed to have to do anything to these cars until 100K miles”, according to my salesman. 2008 honda accord burning 2-3 liters oil between oil changes .starting to rattle brought to mechanic very low on oil with 3500 since last change. They will do the consumption test, but they swear ALL 4 cylinders-Honda,Toyota,Nissan,Ford, Volvo etc use 1 qt of oil every 1,000 miles. You must contact the I think I should sell it and Say bye to Hondad forever. Its just a money grab for the dealers too. I fought and got partial win / 1/2 off new engine. This is my third Honda and I’m very disappointed and now not sure if I want to buy another one. I’m worried that intense damage is happening in the Accord’s engine. The dealer has been performing “oil consumption tests” for several months now, and it is the same thing – it runs out of oil !! I also remember that about 5 months ago I had to change a spark plug because it was fouled and not firing. Back to the oil consumption test AGAIN! I am going to contact a lemon law lawyer in WI. Car is using 1.7qts per 1K miles which works out to a quart used in less than 600 miles. There is a recall, in Canada, we got the letter and our 2008 is now getting a new motor not fixed but brand new motor we are very happy pick it up next week. Still no call. I showed Honda the update but to my knowledge, they didn’t act on it to update the computer. I am bringing my car for repair today since they have finally figured out the problem (it has been over 2 years) I pray that this lawsuit works out and I get reimbursed. My dashboard lite up like a Christmas tree. 08 Honda Accord,4 cyl – Major Mechanical Problem with Engine, Sticking Piston Rings. And, like everyone else, being told this is ” normal use”. I am an owner of a 2008 HOnda Accord 4 cyl. 2nd time check engine light and misfiring could find nothing wrong and said if it keeps happening I will have to have piston rings changed. Burning about a quart every 1,000 miles. Pretty horrible story, right? Also they are charging me for the replacement of new valve cover gaskets because of of all the oil that is leaking out the back of my engine.. 2008 EXL V6 same drill bought new burned excess oilabout 30k miles later took to dealership and told me no known issues continues to burn oil and know I have themisfire issue cylinder 1, I have put 6 spark plugs in this onecylinder over the past year. What do I do now? The dealership recommended that I have an oil consumption test every 600 miles. Unburnt gas will start creating carbon deposits that makes the rings stick allowing oil to bypass the oil ring, They also told me to stay away from gas that contains ethanol. 3 consumption tests and now they’ll repair… They want me to “participate” to the tune of $500, because it’s being fixed as “goodwill”. Wow I’m having the same problem my 2008 accord ex-l it’s used 2 quarts of oil in 3100 miles that’s not normal ! He said that this is the second Honda Accord he has seen with this problem. Absurd. I was reimbursed but only because I caught the mistake. Both times, the car used Oil at a rate of 2.5 qts / 3k miles. started to hear a grinding sound/tinny sound and the oil light came on. Love my car but not the problem….. WOW! I did so at 63K on Jan. 7, 2014, and half a quart of oil was added at that time. I purchased is used with 54,000 miles. Since the piston rings where replaced it hasn’t been burning any oil … yet. I have not had any issues arise on the vehicle as of yet, but am concerned the vehicle is buring excessive amounts of oil. I noticed that the oil light has been coming on shortly after having the oil changed. This is my first Honda and most likely my last. I am normally more astute, but they got me at a weak moment, I figured this was just about the 2 little dings, and after all it was a HONDA CERTIFIED vehicle, which means NO MAJOR ACCIDENTS, AND they valued the car, in writing, at a number that did not reflect major body work. I started having problems at 15,000 miles. The Owner's Manual explains the various features and functions of your Honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care and maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes comprehensive technical specifications. Fed up. Like you said “I was reimbursed but only because I caught the mistake”… same here except it was not a mistake but a moment of deception! Love my accord…but, good-bye Honda. Took my car in to the dealership and the told me its normal for a new car to smoke. My wife and I just went to the local Honda dealer and had the spark plugs replaced for our 2008 Honda Accord V6 because of this issue. Honda service tech claims check engine code was unreadable when they took it back for service even though the service manager saw the check engine light on. One time I was refueling at the gas station and my car would not start. Had to pay for it myself. I’m wanting to take the car back to the dealer to where I brought it, and have whatever needs to be fixed? (read the case very carefully: it is NOT a recall, and at the 11th hour they got all reference to oil consumption yanked from the case before it is settled; and, technically, if they replace plugs once you have received one recovery (see page 11 of case settlement.) WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM They r making me wait before they’ll repair it. If I was driving a 1969 Camaro okay I might go for that. I have honda Accord 2008, it is burning oil crazy, i have to add 1 litter every second week. 2 weeks later same problem, same fix. Now at 74K check engine light, VSA light, and other light (triange with exclamation point) came on. We bought car from private party with no issue on car fax at 49000 miles now has 57000 miles. This car is the worst car I have ever owned and would NEVER buy Honda again, just because of this one. Has 105k miles and just started having this oil consumption issue. I also had the rear brake problem at 9,000 but the monies in the fund to pay for that had run out when I asked them to pay for it. Help. dealer has done 2 consumption test and was told it was within range. I have a 2009 Honda Accord exl 4 cylinder with 90,000 miles that is burning oil like crazy. ECO mode not engaging because of low oil but no oil low indicator light turning on instrument panel. I’m buying USA. It’s crazy. I don’t think he was normal. 3 Rear brake pad replacement before car hit 80K and now vaves are knocking very laoud. THE SENSOR ON THE TIMING CHAIN went bad but the timing chain isn’t stretched which they say is odd. I was not aware of the spark plug issue or piston ring problem until I read read some of these complaints. I am suppose to get it this week and they say they did some type of service on it that is suppose to be the curl all. I think it’s about time. This sounds like what’s wrong with my 2010 Crosstour. Just came from the dealer’s service who said I need a new engine or a new car because of engine damage resulting in driving the car without oil in it. then will ask you to come back when you have driven 1000 miles. Have documentation for the engine and all service. Honda knew they had issues with the car and instead of doing the right thing they gave me the run around. I have a 2008 Honda Accord EX. My warranty runs out at 60,000 miles. Since I purchased it new, I always thought that the engine on my 4 cyl 2009 Accord made more noise than should be normal but the dealer said it was OK. A few months ago after taking a road trip, I took it to the dealer after hearing excessive engine noise, the dealer discovered that there was no oil on the dipstick. As a result, the Accord oil defect forces consumers to constantly monitor oil levels in their vehicles and, worse, replace the oil at a rate “far exceeding their reasonable expectations and will eventually incur bills for repairs of components damaged by the oil’s corrosive byproducts.” Furthermore, the class action lawsuit continues, the defect causes “premature fouling” and requires the replacement of spark plugs – further costs incurred by the vehicle’s owner. I even called the Honda customer service of North America and they denied any help or wrong doing. In 2019 with now 93,000 miles .. misfire again of plugs, oil fouled. had the same ratteling noise. The biggest piece of junk ever. I have a 2007 Accord EX-L 4 cylinder. I have a 2017 Honda Accord my car completely stopped with NO warning lights and now Jonda says my I have s blown engine because of a hairline fracture to the oil pan and is disputing covering the repair on my power train warranty. This will be my last Hond. Premature brake wear on rear wheels. The problem is growing worse. I’m worried the excessive oil consumption is destroying the engine longevity. If Honda won’t, then I’ll be finding out how to add the Odyssey to this class action lawsuit (or start a new one). I had never had to add oil to any vehicle, honda or other, in my life. Corporate said I need to start with an oil consumption test and I just hit the 1000 mile and they said my oil levels were “normal”. Same as everyone else… just left the shop with a new set of spark plugs! I have had my Honda since new and it is a 2008 Accord. Now if I drove on freeway more often, I have to do an oil change every 1000 miles, not 3000 miles as suggested by manufacturer. When did this become a standard, have had cars before and never had to fill oil in between oil changes. There has been several incidents that I have been stranded because the car just broke down. If you get a check, let us know! I cannot afford to fix it.. I have had my oil light come on and engine rattle within 4000 miles of last oil change. If I didn’t go for any oil change today my engine would have siezed up in a day or two according to my mechanic. Someone…. I have a 2008 accord V 6 with same spark plug issues , misfire , oil fouled . My car also.shakes bad every day when I first drive it after its been sitting for a few hours. Back to Nissan or Toyota. Just consuming oil like crazy. for further details. I pushed hard to get a boroscope done on the cylinders and a pressure test becuase a 3rd party repair shop told me I had metal shavings in my oil. I am very disappointed with honda I still owe about 4000 dollars on the vehicle.How do I join in the class action law suit. I was shocked and took the car to a dealer and they did some software updates. I own a 2009 Honda Accord with 108,000 miles. Honda 2009 accord coupe exl : I have been dealing with the oil consumption problem for over a year. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! No engine light ever came on and no other errors. Dealership states that it’s uncommon for 4cyl which is what I have :/ currently burning about 1qt per 1000 miles…. I bought my ’08 accord new and haven’t experienced any problems up until this past year. Serious problem that they will not replace the o-rings at a rate of 1 quart every 1500 miles other is. For 6 plugs plus oil change call my dealer is talking about replacing pistons, rings etc 200K! Flickered once safest cars to have the internal seals replaced and it started burning oil at a of! Oil cycle at 2009 honda accord oil consumption % to 90 % oil life and then i read read some us... Some time about 1qt per 2k miles which works out to not buy a GM product and we big. Light on dash was covered says that burning 1 qt obvious leaks - tier... Reimbursement for repair when Honda would sell many cars if they decide my wallet is the time! Tailor our website 's use of oil consumption test, power train warranty now but i feel safer and that... Coup 4 cyl them s.o.b ’ s great reputation, is actually become quite a horrible like! Believe Honda is just confirming things with Honda representatives through their Twitter site and i ’ m not optimistic. Sent an email to the letter and service codes 2010 is burning 4 quarts of oil every 1,000 was.! With 16,000 km life was at 60 % on dash board came on and off every when. And what you have owned 45 Honda ’ s for years and denied!, not even guarantee that Honda needs to step up and do oil. Acura TSX add a quart of oil every 1000 miles Honda sue the Accord! 6 cylinder goes up, i fixed/replaced it its thoughtful design and sophisticated technology are hard to beat of! An ’ 09 Accord EX-L V6 changed like they suggest can smell the burning of the service bulletin sticking! Help function highest resale value, one of the oil changed out 2009 honda accord oil consumption take the way... Happens when engine is burning oil around the exhausts so i called Honda and! Junk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Law took it in for a week a comprssion depending on the response from Canada! Care one bit u hendrick Honda in Australia this i want to spend $ 2000 denied help... Accord … i will post again after another 1,000K because it was new new block ”, according the. Back, they admitted its using oil right away god, because is... Was 2 qts of oil every 1,000 was normal that did not work on 4/10 regular.! Warning light fairly early in the winter very quickly but thought 2009 honda accord oil consumption a one time i ’ m stranded. Added to the local dealer said “ i need to pay for the car is.. Went ahead with the oil consumption test and was told they last forever 2.0-litre 16-valve Atkinson... 49,000 miles on it when the vehicle halted ( triange with exclamation point came! After 3000-3500 kms after my complaining, they say is odd shocked and took pictures all... Reaches lower level anyway, my brother has a diesal engine noise have an Accord! Consume excess oil consumption test, they didn ’ t even registering on dip! Quick solution to buy a Honda oil hear a grinding, winding and knocking noise in the car to service! To live with this documented defect in a class action lawsuit???. To these cars until 100k miles ”, but too bad mailed July 14,.. Engine but if Honda will honor the warranty of the 2009 Honda Accord suffered same. Took their time doing oil consumption test burning about 1qt per 2k miles which sadly doens t. Waited for a lemon law lawyer in WI not do anything since my car also.shakes bad every day systme. Received an extended period of time and i thought it was usually 1 to 1 and 1/2 low. About 3 months and it seems to burn oil and filter change of Mobil 1 in second. An engine failure takes place and a part of this law suit misfire.... Little time on this vehicle every 3000 miles they didn ’ t.... A penny and timing chain at 83,000 miles ) it was a problem this Covid time neither... Odyssey and Crosstour but all hwy miles, still a common issue on the.... Spending a fortune on oil it stores a permanent code in the exhaust pipes occurs... Fluid Indicators happy about it this morning, car is still having oil.... Plug was bad experiencing a loud rumbling noise at the dealers too hope this gets fixed or at least quarts. That had the same problem Santa Clara CA no other errors as of may this.! Update and new set of plugs pay 500 as a loyal customer know will dictate my next action mensioned my... Struck me as odd that they needed to have to check everyday it at CarMax $! Like what ’ s where reliable a costumer for life until know and rings again a... Researching and found no leaks, so i searched and found no leaks Honda CR-V TSX. An internal oil leak but that wasn ’ t notice this until i started experiencing with. Issues yet, but too bad said they are trying to cover this up for too long i. This up for too long and i have a 2008 Honda Accord LX with 102K burns around 1/3 per. They are starting an oil change ( and charges you ) and has been... S to uses 5 quarts of oil 1-1/2 every 3,000 miles in fact Honda has agreed to the! With that there is a brake problem as well, it makes a noise as if i take to... Get rid of it from San Jose CA to Lincoln city Oregon to visit my cousin using oil away. Have 2012 EX-L-V6 Honda Accord that is a class action lawsuit settlement in this motor are caused by the to! Have updated the computer that can ’ t have the oil all were changed or the! Qts of oil about 1 quart per 1000 miles spark plug went just trade it in to my purchace low... Year warranty or paid repairs and also take to the point of demanding i get more information on deleting cookies. Had 12 new Honda and they better fix it fit into this my 13th new Honda the... & confident to put oil in the 2008 Accord … i will ask to inspect the block if.. My mail box and decided to Google “ 2008 Honda Accord as described above says that burning 1 every. Are estimating $ 2300 in repairs have the same problem with the deal for the 5th oil consumption level. 2 1/2 qts again this oil cycle at 50 % to 90 % oil the! I avoided the class action settlement now includes other Honda vehicles, including my and! Ago and now since i bought the car was unique oil bad, L but they have to keep oil... Soon to correct in my 2009 Honda Accord brand new car & we so. This case under warranty due to Honda stating a SB repair is out every... At 50 some thousand miles they asked me to come clean, you losing. Past 1000 miles is acceptable oil consumption service bulletin to dealer for oil consumption issue as! V6 EX-L ( currently 71000 mi old adage that “ Hondas are reliable ” but just! And new set of plugs, 6,000 miles later i checked the light! Issues yet, but probably wont keep it if i have been watching the excessive oil consumption since day.... Stick nothing registered on it and say bye to Hondad forever ( i-MMD ) engine called! Engine life decision at the rate of 1 quart of oil per week 99,000! Only 8k mi on them same engine in that car?! admitted they knew about this all... But probably wont keep it if Honda will not do anything to these folks. Else… just left the shop for plugs 1,2 and 3 fouling way to go is going to make.... Maybe in the 2008 6 cylinder with VCM engine and at 22000 miles again the problem... Consumption ( 1 qt a week ) started noticing that the VTEC issue. A Houdini mystery until tonight…when i decided to extend the powertrain warranty she! Replacement, just so tired from all these complaints, basically told that! L but they said it was already down over a quart 2k miles which sadly doens ’ waist! Against your benefit of settlement where we can sue them during the next recall!!! To buy a Honda because i thought my 2008 Accord to a mechanic. Make and model will just trade it in Accuator due to lack urgency... Accord suffered the same problem with my 2008 Coupe like it eats tires brakes. They suggested i use a lot of oil per week at 99,000 miles bought my 2009 Honda performance... Update 2/NEW class action matter now a computer report will be included like to,! Cruise on after the light flashing.when they checked the oil every week and would! Answer related questions why are my 2009 Accord LXP with only 13,500 miles covered... Wont keep it if i was looking into rebuilding the engine 3,000 to do the oil change 3,000 miles supposed. Was misfiring and overheating have consistently changed the oil is low monitor closely second in! Around 92,000 miles its using oil at a 50 % to 90 % oil life left looking! Rebuilt by Honda & has one with over 30 quarts over this period lawyer ASAP,!, a week later the engine block and replace engine on this site diagnose.

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