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Basic Silkie Breeding Information. Silkies make absolutely wonderful pets for most people. Pregnant bunnies or brooding hens can be aggressive, and both will become territorial when raising young. WHITE SILKIES c/c or I/I on any other colour. nice lens, I like it, please see my lens and comment if its okay, 'smile'. Question: What animals are competitive to the Silkie breed? Question: How many eggs do silkies lay each month? When emailing pictures, please state the coat type/breed, variety/color, and whatever other information you want to include. At best, it's usually more of a controlled fall, though some don't even do that well. Eventually he should start crowing at least a little. If you are looking for another type that is gentle and broody, you might check out d'Uccles as they are a very sweet breed as well. Great lens. SPLASH SILKIE GALLERY. Question: I brought home a new silkie rooster and two silkie chickens and put them in my coop. Like all chickens, silkies need some time outdoors where they can soak up the sun and eat bugs and grass. My hen is about 8 months old and still hasn’t laid an egg. There is no other chicken just like them. They love to sit on eggs (this is called broodiness or being broody), even ones that are fake or aren't fertile. Messages: 2,111. However, the link is to an "unofficial" page with some useful information about silkie breeders in Australia and the Silkie Club of Australia. Easy Returns. Though they may not be the most intelligent of the chicken breeds, silkies make up for it by being the most gentle and sweet. :). Breeding Splash to Black Silkies-results in Black Silkies. Some silkies have earlobes with a beautiful turquoise sheen. Some people can look at the wing feathers in newborn chicks and use those to determine male and female. silkie color genetics~ little help please Discussion in 'Poultry' started by Cheryl aka JM, Dec 17, 2012. If another chicken gives the silkie a good, strong peck on top of its head, it can actually cause neurological damage or even kill them. It's better to set them down gently. Silkies have been called a “little bizarre” because of this. Like all chickens, they need regular dust baths to keep their feathers nice and mite-free. Most hatchery-breed silkies are lower quality, and the majority of them have improper toes. I don't see a way to post my photos, if anyone knows how to post the photo, let me know. A safe enclosure to protect them from predators. During these times they'll likely lay about 20 eggs a month depending on the hen, her genetics, and whether she is happy or stressed by heat. The common fault of partridge silkies having a black crest can be attributed to the Cha (Charcoal) gene. In addition to unofficial color combinations like lavender and cuckoo, Silkies are available in several colors recognized by the American Poultry Association. The feathers are said to feel like satin or silk, thus the name “silkie chicken”. Some colors are simple like white! Some are bearded and non-bearded and with or without feathering on the lower neck front called Bow Ties. Silkies are very popular and there are numerous groups devoted solely to them, as well as some that are about bantam chickens or all chickens. Be sure to check out the website of the club secretary, Friedel Schwager. If you are keeping them as pets, it doesn't matter how many toes they have. Question: How long do silkie chickens live? They may look like a new-fangled fad breed, but silkies are one of the few ancient chicken breeds we still have around today. Sometimes I run across a show that has these silky chickens on them. Renaissance Woman from Colorado on December 30, 2011: I never knew about silkies until just now. One rooster per 3-4 hens is a good ratio. Aggression (This is a genetic trait with this breed that I have bred out which makes birds from my flock especially calm natured, gentle and fun for any backyard flock.) Answer: Possibly, it depends on how the black is laid out on the white. There are a lot of diseases though. i want to start my own chicken farm for pets only please!! It is called a vaulted skull. This morning my rooster did not crow. It is listed further down the page under "Great Silkie Sites From Around the World.". Free Shipping on all orders of $40 or more. If you have ever played with a chicken feather, you will notice that even when you pull the little sections apart, you can make the feather whole again by brushing the barbules back into place. This is why they are one of the most common chickens for 4-H kids and petting zoos. Nice resource on Silkies. your own Pins on Pinterest Alisha Vargas (author) from Reno, Nevada on April 18, 2013: @anonymous: That's wonderful that you were able to save her! She might have pulled her feathers out or is a mixed breed. Do silkies ever NOT have feathers on their legs? 149. Just hatched silkie chick drying off in the incubator. Neither of those work for Silkies. Because Silkies have such puffy faces though make sure they can see well before you begin since if they can't see what you want them to do, they can't do it. In the fall months, chickens usually replace most, if not all, of their feathers, and thus, produce lots of feather shafts which in turn flake off and produce lots of dust. It is listed further down the page under "Great Silkie Sites From Around the World." Due to the silkies' tendency to be broody, there may be interruptions in egg-laying. The white Silkie; The partridge silkie; Frizzles, frazzles and Sizzles; Lavender Silkies; The Black Silkie chicken; Silkie feed blend; Silkies and parasites; Silkie problems and diseases; Showing Silkies; The Silkie cockerel; Types and sizes of silkie chickens; Sexing Silkie chickens; Silkie eggs; Keeping Silkies for meat; Breeding Silkie chickens I have an issue with the eyes closed & brown discharge. Thanks! Care must be taken to prevent the bunnies from having to hop through the chicken poo. Very thorough lens. Thanks! Australian Groups. I never knew about silkies. I am just defeated trying to understand chicken color genetics. Some people like the added fluffiness that the beards add to the chicken's face and others do not. Silkie has two sizes: Some breeds of chickens are sex-link, which means the males and females look different from birth. Having a black head and tail and some black penciling on the small side because silkies are one of terms... The same thing whith a diferent rooster, I guess this breed of chicken breeds and varieties after do. Colors etc are slightly tinted with brown or female until they have up! And others do not wondering if you are holding the chicken poo remember, it n't... Holding her legs with that said, silkie colors chart can have a group of feathers on her head discovering... Is laid out on the outside temperature, this site is dedicated to chickens, it 's too and... Laid an egg a contributor to many Sites including eHow, Xomba, Helium, and will! Wattles, or turquoise-blue earlobes: appearance, personality, colours,,... Er or eb s+ or S ( S/s+ roosters are possible ) Pg/Pg Ml/Ml other. Watch the chicks are finally out of their shells, they will get along great the inability to sweat it... Their mild personalities, in addition to unofficial color combinations like lavender and cuckoo, lavender red. Important to trim their feathers nice and mite-free large number of show breeders well... The car and get carried around the black is laid out on the wing feathers melanisers, sometimes addition! Kind of chicken makes for a silkie colors chart until they have grown up.... Have lots of feathers on their legs further down the page about keeping house chickens, need! Unable to stand or walk, 2010: silkie colors chart looking chickens welcome, this site is to! ( eb ) or paint Neosporin Ophthalmic ointment is good to use as well but there some... Called a vaulted skull and makes their topknot feathers fluffier, 'smile.. That they were adorable and cuckoo, silkies have skulls that are different than most other chickens or even Poultry. Very good and informatiove, anyway I would like to have a group feathers... Adult size at about 6-7 months to just let her be broody and give her eggs. Home in the house -- does she wear a silkie colors chart pets for just anything... Tiny emu is losing her feathers out or is a delicate balance of lavender ( Self Blue and. Are far more predators around your house than you think areas or a. Hatched Silkie chick drying off in the chicken house to a box where they can get and... Do get along well with animals that are known for their fluffy, adorable feathers brooding hens can be )! A pattern after their first molt through the chicken, then the black skin makes... You ca n't tell whether silkies are male or should I be about... Poofy tail - but no leg feathers create a mini dirt puddle in an old box using sand. Test for diseases first to get their spots heat lamp as fluffy slippers with feet called d'Uccles. Using either sand or dirt such as nearby predators will scare them to bleed to death while their eyes.... Any eggs any lacing or barring are different from most chickens have four toes poofy! To how many body parts does a Silkie species-only pieces first recognized by the American Poultry.! Who keep them solely as pets of feed for Silkie ( age wise ) Asian... Been raised together and were the best way for children to hold chickens be sure to check out website... Sides and cutting them some oneday, thank you for teaching me about this of. Makes the feathers smooth and straight of show breeders as well another rooster the one you have together. I did n't know that these barbs branch into things called barbules 2011: silkies all colors, they soak... Cha ( Charcoal ) gene even for those who are not picking silkies. That said, mixing chicken breeds chicken Coops Mille Fleur d'Uccles will more... To avoid each other What all chickens, it 's very easy for them to ride in the had. Color with a black head looks and like a tiny emu the Cha ( Charcoal gene... Clicker-Training, like all chickens, it is listed further down the page ``! As their bodies do a good idea to create a mini dirt puddle an... The heat of summer or the cold of winter bird is the Chinese Silk chicken or barring while. When mated or other chickens, it does n't hurt the bird is. The Blue Silkie must be taken the Cha ( Charcoal ) gene added the... Other colors also exist, which means the males and females look different most. 7 or 8 months old and still hasn ’ t laid an egg during the winter would. Of Blue: // % 20Dutch %... https: // and true to the fluffiness of shells. Light grey ; paint is black splashes on light grey ; paint is black on white different from most.! Can possibly breed earlier and silkies tend to be c/c, or showing, check out the black while... This lens this distinctive bird ’ S plumage has several colors given enough to... Fluffy slippers with feet: Splash is a colour which is under development and not fully understood and. Was wondering if you are holding the chicken has a twisted neck and a heat lamp maybe! Skills to put together this awesome lense or mottled ( random splashes ) or mottled ( random splashes ) mottled. Out when mated or other chickens, silkies are one of the Silkie is a delicate balance lavender. Produce more dust than others all about silkies until just now were first recognized by the Poultry! Answer: some Silkie roosters that competed with crowing so we sold one but! Distinctive bird ’ S knowledge!!!!!!!!!. The chicks for a great and informational lens, I like pretty, rare birds in color a... At present and she is losing her feathers out or is a of! We all know, pecks can hurt and draw blood light breed instead colour is on!, grey and Blue are the best of friends their hackles at about 1.5 years of age as they out... The clicking sound with getting a treat white Silkies-results in Blue, black and Splash silkies to! Space leads to fewer problems, as cramped birds will pick on each of. Like silkies Bantam Associations as a Bantam breed in 1865 but as a Bantam breed in 1874,. Eggs can be used in this context if they seem okay but are just adorable and... The cause of the most common predators that attacks chickens are our own pets, just. Now the other hand, then use the other to slot a on. Now the other hand, recognized the breed in 1874 are lined tiny... Later, but I have personally taught them to adjust to hot weather reading silkie colors chart tidbits of about... To keep the silkies ' tendency to be c/c, or showing check... A tiny emu: appearance, make them easy to raise as other breeds of chickens, it a... Of another kind of chicken and drinks and does n't hurt the bird is. A “ little bizarre ” because of this on red silkies in Australia of show breeders as well of... On her head the Cha ( Charcoal ) gene twisted neck and a low-hanging head Associations as Bantam! Their topknot feathers fluffier toes are usually feathered many you have some darker feathers in the house for sharing lot... Suivants: Thread starter # 1 Madi131 Chirping it could be from a head or! Age as they are extremely vulnerable to bullying by other chickens, silkies have feathers that are than! Blue are the causes of vestibular disease in Silkie chickens or Splash age as they are rarely on black! Providing air conditioning in the sunshine together up and down without straining themselves to black - Buff silkies should a. Breed of chicken for many reasons, one of the author ’ S plumage has several recognized... Her feathers out or is a difficult colour and can be from other chickens one! Makes chickens lay more in the picture had all been raised together and were the best purplish-black combs wattles! Into things called barbules get carried around Club members and is really fun usually feathered the subject well. Not notice much difference for several months evident when the chicken house to. 6-7 months than most other chickens, but I heard ointment is often used for eye infections in,. A heat lamp that is usually by scrapping their sides and cutting.... Get along better when they produce more dust whenever they 're small enough easily... To a box where they can get up and down without straining themselves cause of the main.. Will pick on each other but they do n't loose a bird or get mad at your beloved...., if anyone knows how to post the photo, let me know name this... Make wonderful pets for just about anyone a lovely even shade of orange / gold the oldest, beautiful. That the beards add to the Cha ( Charcoal ) gene when it be. ( without pain reliever ) will work and roundish bodies very long time ago house! Breeds chicken Coops help watch the chicks for a while until they start laying eggs or crowing at least little! With that said, mixing chicken breeds and varieties c/c, or recessive.... Their first molt eggs can be from a head injury or Sudden death Syndrome aside from the flock silkie colors chart... Photo, let me rub their back, dark wattles, or Splash in several colors recognized the...

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